The Fifth Mage War Series


Book One: Sirens Unbound (2019)

Dr. Amy Bant faces the challenge of her career as she seeks to develop a cure for magical blindness. Manipulated by the mages and military alike, she devotes herself to perfecting a procedure that will unleash magical powers not seen since the days of Aphrodite and Morgan le Fay. In pursuit of the medical answer, Amy will uncover truths that have been hidden by mages, fae, and even her own family. Actions have consequences, and the decisions made by the Bant family will set off the most destructive war the world has ever seen. 

In this first book of the Fifth Mage War urban fantasy epic, the Bant family is pulled onto opposing sides of a looming war. Born protectors, they will travel the world to save the people they love from those who would destroy them. In this tumultuous time of prophecies, politics, and magick, can the family stay together? 


Book Two: Mages Unbound (Forthcoming 2020)

Morgan le Fay’s ancient spell is now broken. The Atlantic sirens struggle under the magical backlash as opposing mage groups stealthily seek to use the Bant family in their quest for world domination.

Cordelia Bant returns to the United States with the fae chalice in tow, swiftly becoming embroiled in mundane affairs, while Thomas contends with deadly mage politics in Australia. As Amy learns what it means to be a mage, Mary embarks on her own journey of self-discovery. 

The sirens form new alliances with the werewolves and were-jaguars as they seek to protect the ones they love from the mages they fear. Soon the Bant siblings find themselves scattered across the globe, allied with opposing mage factions, as the epic continues ... 

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